12 Questions to Ask

The Medicare website offers a list of questions you should ask your home care provider before choosing.  We feel that these questions are appropriate to ask any home health provider and we are very confident that we will satisfy all of the 12 criteria for choosing the best home health agency possible.

1.  Medicare certified?  Applegate: Yes.

2. Medicaid certified?  Applegate: Yes.

3.  Offer the specific health services I need, such as physical therapy or skilled nursing services?  Applegate: Yes, we offer a variety specialized home services from a skilled team of medical professionals. Please click “Services” to read more:

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4.  Meets my special needs, like languages or cultural preferences?  Applegate: We are very sensitive to the individualized needs of all of our patients and are happy to fulfill, to the best of our ability, your request for languages or cultural preferences.

5.  Offers the personal care services I need, (like help bathing, dressing, and using the bathroom)?  Applegate: Yes, we offer all of these personal care services and many more.

6. Offers the support services I need, or can help me arrange for additional services like Meals on Wheels, that I may need?  Applegate:  Yes, our dedicated staff and social workers can arrange a multitude of services for you according to your individual needs.

7.  Has staff that can provide the type and hours of care my doctor ordered and start when I need them? Applegate: Yes, we will work with your doctor to develop a plan of care and execute the plan according to you and your physician’s wishes.

8. Is recommended by my hospital, discharge planner, doctor, or social worker?  Applegate:  We are a highly recommended and respected agency and are frequently recommended by these specialists.  Please click “Physician Referral” and scroll down to view a personal referral from a reputable Utah physician.

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9. Has staff available at night and on weekends for emergencies?  Applegate:  Yes, we are a 24/7 facility with nurses available on-call.

10. Explained what my insurance will cover and what I must pay out-of-pocket?  We are happy to explain coverage when you call, and have a tab specifically designated to explaining your coverage and answering all of your questions.  Please click “Coverage” to read more:

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11. Does background checks on all staff?  Applegate:  Yes, your safety and well-being are very important to us and we not only do a thorough background check on all of our staff, but also seek to hire the best-trained and most experienced medical professionals and  train them regarding Applegate’s superior standard of care.

12. Has letters from satisfied patients, family members, and doctors that testify to the home health agency providing good care?  Applegate:  Yes, we not only have many letters from satisfied patients, doctors and family members but have conveniently provided them for you to read on our website. Please click the button below to read some of our testimonials:

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At Applegate, we don’t stop with those 12 questions, but we strive to achieve a level of service which exceeds the typical standard of care.  That is why we strive to achieve the very best outcomes, the best quality surveys from our patients, and award-winning standards of care. Please click “Awards” to read more.

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