Optimized-applecoreApplegate HomeCare & Hospice is a local, family owned Utah company that has been providing high quality health care services to our community for over 27 years.  We have six branches servicing the Wasatch Front, Summit County, Wasatch County and Southern Utah.

Our business foundation always keeps patients at the heart of our focus.   Excellence in patient care is not measurable, but is founded in the principle of doing the right thing in our clinical care delivery. This foundation is based on the structure of a 5-pointed star with patient care at the center.  We begin with customer service at the first point, which is focused on managing our patients through excellent care coordination delivered with compassion, competence, and genuine concern for our patients.  This concentration on strong clinical care for our patients leads to better clinical outcomes, which is the emphasis and core strength of our company.Optimized-patientcare