Home Care


Home Care

Applegate ensures excellent care by employing experienced, well-trained clinical teams who utilize evidenced-based practices and quality resources to deliver exceptional care.   All direct care providers undergo training and orientation, professional license verification, and a background check with state regulatory and law enforcement agencies. In addition to providing routine home care and hospice services, we have experts in a variety of care specialties, including but not limited to in-home infusion specialists, disease-specific specialists, and certified wound care physical therapists.

Applegate has improved the quality of life for thousands of patients during the past 27 years.  Every day we touch hundreds of patients’ lives as well as the lives of their families through excellent and truly compassionate patient care. All patient-care plans are managed by a registered nurse who coordinates with the patient’s attending physician and the Applegate interdisciplinary team to continually provide optimum medical care.

Services Provided

Physical Therapy

Our Registered Physical Therapists evaluate the patient and develop a program of rehabilitation with the goal of restoring or improving physical function and mobility.  This includes muscle strengthening, gait training, stair climbing, and restoration of balance and range of motion skills.

Occupational Therapy

Our Registered Occupational Therapists evaluate and establish a program of rehabilitation therapy with the goal of assisting the patient to safely perform activities of daily living.  This includes muscle strengthening exercises, extremity function and strength training and working with each patient to perform individualized activities for restoration of daily living skills.

Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapists evaluate speech, language, and swallowing ability, and will work to improve these functions. They will advise the patient’s family in effective communication skills and use therapeutic exercises to improve communication and effective swallowing for the patient.

Specialized Wound Care

•Early assessment of wounds for s/s infection
•Wound vac, wound drains
•Diabetic wounds
•Dressing total knees/hips

Medication Management

•Medication and pain control
•Medication education
•Accurate dosage, side effects, drug interactions

Diabetic Training

•In-home diabetic education and blood glucose management
•Insulin training and individual education, including nutritional counseling
•Insulin pump training

Home Infusion Therapy

•Peripheral and PICC line care
•Chemo Disconnects

Bowel/Bladder Maintenance

•Catheter/Colostomy/Urostomy care and supplies
•Bowel and bladder training

Injections and Lab Draws

•Protime with INR – immediate results with one-touch machines
•All other authorized labs, blood draws, and injections
•B12, Aranesp, Enbrel, Epogen


  • To help each client return to his or her optimal level of function
  • To promote as much independence as possible
  • To improve patient and caregiver knowledge and increase patient self-management
  • To promote safety in the home setting