Optimized-nursefrombedcroppedHospice Care

When a loved one is faced with a life-limiting illness, hospice care offers them emotional and physical care to allow for the best quality of life.  We have medical directors who are Board Certified professionals in hospice and palliative care and will provide the best, most updated care in the field. 


Specialty Hospice Services we Provide

Pain and Symptom Management

•Continual Assessment of all symptoms, plan of care changes as needed for comfort
•Patient/Family Education of pain control
•Medication delivered to home

Caregiver Respite Volunteer Support

•This service is set up to allow the caregiver time to attend to other needs, with the confidence that their loved one is being cared for

Medical Equipment

•Delivery and pickup of all medical equipment
•Home is set up for comfort for the patient

End of Life Planning

•Assistance provided by the hospice team to coordinate all plans related to the end of life (Living will, power of attorney and funeral arrangements, etc.)

Music Thanantology

•Harp and voice to bedside as sub-specialty of palliative care

•Reduces physical and emotional anxiety and pain

Social Services

•Bereavment care and support of family members after the passing of their loved one
•Over one of year of continued support offered