“You will find as you look back upon your life, that the moments that stand out are the moments
when you have done things for others.”
– Henry Drummond
One Person Can Make A Difference – Volunteer

“Hospice” is derived from a Latin word meaning a resting place for journeying travelers. Death is the final stage of life, and hospice enables us to live our final days in Comfort, Peace, and Dignity.

Early hospices were founded by volunteers. Volunteers continue to be the backbone of hospice today. The hospice Volunteer is part of the hospice team by offering service, compassion, and a listening ear. Volunteers are dedicated to the client and their family by showing an attitude of love and trust.

We invite you to make a difference.¬† There are many different types of volunteering that we are in need of. If you’d like to volunteer, or would like more information about volunteering with Applegate, please contact our Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, at 1-800-871-0102.¬† Hospice training is provided to offer understanding of the hospice philosophy, and to help you fulfill the needs of those suffering from incurable illnesses.