• “I appreciated the way they took care of me. They really did a good job.” -Garn, Salt Lake City, UT


  • “My association with them was really very brief. It was from seven o’clock in the evening until about eleven forty the next day, when she passed away. They were very comforting to me when I realized that my mother was in that condition. I had been in Salt Lake with my father, who had a neck injury. I didn’t know that she was that bad. I thought she just had a bladder infection.” -Inez, St George, UT


  • “I liked all of the girls that helped me. They were very nice and easy to get along with.” -Myrtle, Bountiful, UT


  • “They try to work around my schedule.” -Marjorie, Salt Lake City, UT


  • “Steve Wilson, my physical therapist, is wonderful. He does a really good job.” -Patricia, Layton, UT


  • “I like how positive they are with my mother.” -Norman, Farr West, UT


  • “I appreciate the consideration of all of the girls that come. They are fantastic. They treat me as if they were my own kids.” -Ruth, Clearfield, UT


  • “I like that my husband is able to go to work and not worry about me.” -Adell, Vernal, UT


  • “Steve Blake, his nurse, knows David inside and out. I can call Steve anytime day or night, and he will call me back within ten minutes.” -David, Ogden, UT


  • “They are very dependable and thorough.” -Charles, St George, UT


  • “I appreciated their caring attitude. They had such determination that I would be able to recover completely. I can’t say enough good about them. ” -Marilyn, American Fork, UT


  • “I appreciated everything about them. You would think I was their mother because I liked them so much.” -Gladys, Veyo, UT


  • “I think all of the people that work for Applegate are great. They are caring and knowledgeable. ” -Elizabeth, Washington, UT


  • “I appreciated Mary Jane, the nurse, coming in because he has so many little problems. It gave us help and comfort to know that she would be coming in to check on him. ” -Alva, American Fork, UT


  • “I appreciated them so much. They were out here every day. I could count on them for help, and that was very valuable.” -James, Ogden, UT


  • “I appreciate their willingness to serve in such an excellent way.” -Marjorie, Salt Lake City, UT